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Do you wish to publicize your brand via the internet but do not know where to start?

We are specialists in web promotion and fully understand the world of blogs, twitter and social networking. we can show you how they can benefit your business.

Email newsletters to engage with customers

We are always keen to find new ways for our customers to engage with their customers and email newletters are proving increasingly popular. Using wordpress as a content manangement system allows clients to use this feature simply and conveniently by using feedburner.
feed for richard price photography blog
Feedburner allows the design of custom email newsletters to be sent out automatically to selected clients, enabling them to be kept abreast of developments that concern them. This is an excellent way to engage with your customers.

email newsletter for richard price photography

Feedburner also allows you to add an animated headline banner to the front page of your website, which allows you to keep your website looking current.

feedburner box

feedburner box

Utilising the latest developments to promote your business need not be difficult if you engage Icepick Solutions, we are experts in utilising the latest technologies on the web for promoting your business in a simple and efficient way.

Ultimately what you want is to generate more business.

What we want to do is enable you go get new customers and engage with those you have in as simple a manner as possible.

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